The Surfing Chaplain is the newest addition to the Canadian Practical Chaplain Association. The Surfing Chaplain which falls into the category Fire/Rescue Chaplain, serves the surfing community in the areas of education and instruction, volunteering at surf competitions as volunteer lifeguards, jetski taxis, and support and rescue positions.

Surf Chaplains have the opporunity to provide an influence in the surfing community by demonstrating a positive role model as well as a resource for all things surfing. In essence, the Surf Chaplain "Does Life" with the surfing community and is a friendly, familiar face to support anyone facing the trials and tribulations of everyday life both on and off the beach.

There are 3 levels of Surf Chaplains which are based on skills and qualification/certification all of which can be obtained through the Canadian Practical Chaplain Association.

Surf Chaplain duties include:

Establishing presence in surfing community to assist both novice and pro level surfers.

Assisting local Fire Department with lifeguard and rescue activities on beach..

Providing surfing instruction for new surfers. Advanced coaching for professional/competitive surfers.

Providing spiritual and pastoral service to competitive surfers

Providing logistical support at surfing events in the form of boat/jetski patrol, event safety, judging, surfboard repair etc.

Provide grief and loss counseling to surfers and their families.

Being that the CPCA is a non-denominational Christian Ministry, Surf Chaplains can facilitate and organize ceremonies to help surf community members mark milestones in their lives including; Memorial Services, Marriages, Funerals and Child Dedications.