Professional Athletes and people of sport have a tremendous influence. Many are called to be Christ's ambassadors to the sporting community and are given a unique opportunity to publicly display the parallel between biblical principles and athletic fundamentlas. But too often, the people of sport are the most misunderstood and spiritually neglected. They are also the most exploited and overexposed with the Christian community.

That's why the Sports Chaplain is among one of the most strategic points of minitsry for our complex world.

Sports Chaplains are involved in:

Praying for and encouraging athletes, coaches, their families and support staff.

Being available and eqipped to assist in crisis situations.

Alerting the coach, administration and or tour staff to critical issues that affect a team program or tour.

Providing training and resources for character development and life management skills.

Co-ordinate and lead chapel services.

Co-ordinate special ministries and outreach events.

Support and encourage the team.