The Canadian Practical Chaplain Association was established for the purpose of recruiting, training and supporting men and women who wish to serve God in various fields of Chaplaincy.

Our primary goal is to interface with both ministerial and secular worlds for the purpose of promoting tolerance and understanding, and to provide professional, trained, and dedicated Chaplains in the work force. We accomplish this by providing training, recognition and certification for working Chaplains in various fields of Chaplaincy.

There are several areas of Chaplaincy. Many people are involved in ministries that are actually Chaplaincy and don’t realize it. They lack 3 things in order to be a Chaplain:

The C.P.C.A. endorses all types of Chaplaincy and recognizes the needs for coverage. Some areas of coverage areā€¦

Collegiate - Fire - Hospice - Hospital - Industrial - Jail & Prison - Military - Motor Cycle - Surfing - Police - Search & Rescue - Sports And Transportation

If you are working in an area of Chaplaincy not listed, please contact us. We will determine if it falls within one of our programs.


Our Director & Chief Of Chaplains

Rev. Robert L. Perkins Ph.D. - Chief Of Chaplains


Rev. Robert L. Perkins Ph.D. is the Executive Director and Chief of Chaplains for the Canadian Practical Chaplain Association. Dr. Perkins is a Clinical Psychophysiologist, Professor, Writer, Educator and Police Chaplain specializing in guiding people to maximize their life to the fullest potential.

Robert is a 14 year law enforcement veteran and former Army Officer. Robert recieved his Master's Degree in Theology in 2002 and became an ordained minister with the United Christian Faith Ministries that same year. Robert continued his education and recieved specialized training and certification as a Police Chaplain through the International Fellowship Of Chaplains. In 2004 Robert received his Doctorate in Practical Chaplaincy. Robert's written academic work was published into a textbook entitled "The Practical Guide To Police Chaplaincy" . In 2013 Robert received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychophysiology. He is currently a Professor of Applied Psychophysiology at the College of Certified Psychophysiologists in Anaheim California.

Robert is a Licensed Clinical Psychophysiologist and Board Certified expert in Traumatic Stress and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. He is also a certified P.O.S.T. Instructor in the State of California and a Board Certified Sexologist with the American Board Of Sexology specializing in the area of Sexual Dysfunction & Sexual Addiction. He has served on the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Critical Incident Stress Foundation and the Global Critical Incident Stress Foundation. Robert is the author of several books on the subject of Chaplaincy, Sexual Addiction and Sexual Dysfunction.


Our Senior Command Staff

Rev. Shawn Bennett - Deputy Chief Of Chaplains

Rev. Shawn Bennett is the Deputy Chief Of Chaplains of the Canadian Practical Chaplain Association. Rev. Bennett is currently with the St. Catharines Fire Department with 31 years of experience in fire suppression. Rev. Bennett is retired from the Canadian Armed Forces as a Sergeant. For more than 25 years he has been a dog trainer and breeder. He is the Chaplain for the Royal Niagara Military Institute and the Valhalla Project of Niagara.

Rev. Bennett was awarded the Canadian Decoration with bar for his service with the Canadian Armed Forces, Federal Exemplary Fire Service Medal with bar for 20 plus 5 years, Provincial Fire Service Medal for 25 years, Scouting Youth Service Award and the City of St. Catherines Voluntee

Robert continued his education and recieved specialized training and certification as a Police Chaplain through the International Fellowship Of Chaplains.


Rev. Graham Bettes - Assistant Chief Of Chaplains

Rev. Graham Bettes is the Assistant Chief Of Chaplains of the Canadian Practical Chaplain Association. Rev. Graham Bettes served 32 years as a police officer attaining the rank of Detective. He is a Chaplain for the The Valhalla Project of Niagara. He served as a Sergeant with the Canadian Armed Forces, including an overseas deployment. Rev. Bettes also served as a firefighter for the Niagara-On-The-Lake Fire Department,

He is an active public speaker for Mental Health Advocacy. Rev. Bettes has completed his Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and has a Bachelor Of Applied Arts in Justice Studies from Guelph University.

Rev. Bettes was awarded the Canadian Decoration Medal, the Canadian Peackeeping Medal, the Queens Jubilee Medal, United Nations for Cyprus Medal and the Police Exemplary Service Medal.

Archbishop Dr. Clinton Lloyd Battieste - Captain, Senior Command Staff

Archbishop Dr. Battieste is member of the Canadian Practical Chaplain Association Senior Command and holds the rank of Captain. He is the founding Pastor of Redemption Worship Centre in Toronto, Canada, as well as Founder and Presiding Archbishop of Redemption Faith Ministries International Inc. that oversees Churches, Ministries, and Ministers in several countries around the globe.

He also serves as President/Chancellor of the Mount Olivet Bible Institute & Seminary, Toronto, Canada, is an Executive member of the Council of International Charismatic Bishops and Co-Founder and Chief Prelate of the International Council of Pentecostal Bishops Inc., Ontario, Canada.

Archbishop Dr. Battieste’s quest for knowledge took him through both the secular and religious corridors of the Jamaica Commercial Institute, the Basil Miller Bible Institute, the Canada Christian College, the United Christian Bible Institute, (U.S.A.), the International Theological Seminary, (U.S.A.), Vision International University (U.S.A.), where he obtained various diplomas, certificates, and degrees. He is a Certified Psychotherapist and Counsellor, and a member of the Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counsellors of America. He is also an International Ambassadorial Chaplin (certified by UNECOSCO).

In June 2008 he was awarded with the keys to the City of Kingston Jamaica.