Fire Chaplains also serve on the front lines of secular society serving not only the Fired Department but the community at large.

Their duties include:

Ministering to Firefighters and EMS peronnel.

Ministering to other Fire Department members.

Ministering to family members of Firefighters and other department personnel.

Visiting sick and injured Firefighters and department members at home and in the hospital.

Making death notifications.

Providing assistance to victims of crisis situations.

Teaching Fire Department personnel in areas such as stress management, ethics, family life, and victim response.

Serving as a part of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team.

Assist at emergency scences.

Serve as a liaison with other clergy in the community.

Provide for the spiritual needs of the department members and their families.

Offer prayers at special occasions such as recruit graduations and award ceremonies.

Perform Marriage and Funeral Services for Department members and family members.

Co-ordinate and provide family services in the event of serious injury or death of a Firefighter or deparment member.

Provide a listening ear.

Serve as a ready resource for the Fire Chief.