Inside the prison system is a vastly different world from the one in which most of us live in. Approximately 90% of all those incarcerated will one day eventually return to live and work in our communities again, That fact won't change, but with the help of Prison Chaplains, THEY might change.

Prison Chaplains administer volunteer and relegious activities that provides offenders with an opportunity to interact with positive role models and to learn how to give, rather than take from society. Prison Chaplains can help prepare offenders for their release, not as prime candidates for further criminal activity, but as productive caring people in our community.


Prison Chaplain duties inolve:

Counselling and providing support for prisoners.

Counselling and providing support for the families of the prisoners.

Leading Chapel services.

Leading various support groups and educational programs.

Distributing Bibles and other Christian Literature.

Being a Friend for the Friendless.